Recycled Vinyl Has Never Looked Better

Every day, great-looking vinyl products are being created for your home. And thanks to new technologies, they are constantly being re-designed and re-invented to enhance the quality of your life. More and more of these products contain recycled vinyl, and they play an important part in maintaining the health of our planet.

Recycled Vinyl Flooring

Why Choose Recycled Vinyl

Recycling keeps materials out of landfill sites; makes better use of our natural resources; turns old products into new products; and most importantly, helps reduce global warming. In fact, if all products contained 10% recycled content, we would see a reduction in green house gas emissions by 3%. That goes a very long way towards creating a healthier planet.

What You Can Do

We can all help create a more sustainable world by making smarter choices about what we buy. We can encourage companies to use recycled materials in the products they make, and we can encourage our neighbours and friends to choose these products. Proactive manufacturers like Gerflor Vinyl Flooring incorporate recycled materials in the quality flooring they produce; they also ensure all floors they produce are 100% recyclable, thus providing other manufacturers with by-products that can be re-used to produce new goods – including composite decking, vinyl siding, flower pots, shoe soles, alternative turf, and even basketballs – which can all be made with harvested vinyl products.

Recycled Vinyl Products


North American recycling companies like Norwich Plastics have made a mission of finding ways to reprocess different types of vinyl products. They say the best way to encourage further recycling is for consumers to ask for products made with recycled materials.

What is Biomimicry

Biomimicry is the art of recreating nature’s best ideas, and it’s been an important consideration in vinyl product design. Treasured raw materials such as precious woods, stones, and animal furs are re-imagined using alternative processes which ensure continued availability of our natural heritage for future generations.

Types of Recycled Vinyl Products

Composite decking is high performance, earth friendly decking, and made in part from recycled materials. Composite decking is easy to install, easy to maintain, and never needs to be painted.

Shutters and siding too, are also made from recycled vinyl, are long-lasting, and can be re-harvested to create new products in the future.

Vinyl flooring manufacturers such as Gerflor produce designs which look like beautiful hardwood floors, but incredibly, not a single tree is cut to produce this beautiful look. Choosing recycled vinyl flooring in your next home renovation project will help bring us all one step closer to preserving our natural forests.

Recycled vinyl products are an important part of our homes and our future, and have never looked better! For more reasons why I like to incorporate vinyl products into my renovations check out this article.



Photos courtesy of Gerflor 

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