DIY in a Day – Updating your Entrance

Taymor Cropped Door - AfterWhen it comes to home renovations, I’m all about return on investment. And if it’s a project homeowners can take on themselves? Even better. Many people jump to kitchen and bathroom renovations when they think about ROI — and rightfully so — those are big-ticket items. However, thinking “outside the box” can also bring big returns without breaking the bank.

In my experience, the front entrance is one of the most neglected areas of people’s homes, despite it being the first place you see. An attractive entrance sets the tone for the rest of the home and if you’re in the market to sell, curb appeal is key to making a good first impression.

A great door is the focal point of your front entrance, so it’s the logical place to start when considering an update. You can always replace the door, but if it’s in good shape, a refresh can make the same impact. A fresh coat of paint in a colour that pops is a great start. To round out the look, pay attention to the accessories. A new modern handleset, like those in the Taymor Premier series, can instantly help give your home a more contemporary feel. My current favourite is the new London handleset — a statement piece that is modern, but versatile enough to adapt to many design styles. The London comes in a sharp matte black finish as well as traditional metal finishes. Add a matching kick plate and knocker, and your door looks brand new.

London Locksets

Even though you’re focusing on the exterior, don’t forget interior hardware. Keeping the look consistent will really up the ante by continuing the style from the front door through the interior of your home. If you’re going for a more modern aesthetic, opt for a square rose kit (for your interior lockset) or keep it traditional with the standard round option. Either way, the Taymor Premier series hardware not only looks great, but all elements are so easy to install that any homeowner can take on the project. (Watch how easy it is here.)

Taymor Rose Kits

While the door may be the focal point, don’t forget about the other hardware elements that can enhance the look and add even more bang for your buck. Start with the door hardware as your inspiration and add complementary house numbers, a mailbox or mail-slot, and an exterior light fixture to complete the look. Final touches like planters and doormats add warmth and personality, so don’t neglect those details.

DIY in a Day – Updating Your Entrance

(Note:  Items below are specific to the project shown in photos)

Materials Needed

  • Exterior door paint + painting accessories
  • New handleset
  • New house number
  • New door knocker
  • Exterior light fixture
  • Doormat
  • Plants or topiaries

How -To

  • Start by removing old door hardware and knocker
  • Prep door for painting (wash, tape window, and prime)
  • Paint your door (You’ll probably need several coats of paint – this dark blue needed 3 coats to achieve the proper colour and coverage)
  • While you’re waiting for the paint to dry, replace house number and light fixture.
  • Once the door is ready, install new handleset, door knocker, and kick plate (Shown: Taymor Premier Series London Handleset, Taymor Heritage Door Knocker (both in Satin Nickel)
  • Finish off by adding doormat and accessories

Taymor Door Collage


Hardware photos courtesy of Taymor

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