How to Add Value in an Entryway

Updating your entryway won’t do a ton in terms of adding value to your home like it will with kitchens and bathrooms, but an entryway that isn’t showing to the best of its abilities could cost you. Just like the exterior entrance of your home, it sets the stage for what people are about to see, and you want it to look as fresh and inviting as possible.

IP Entryway

Here are some things to think about when it comes to sprucing up your entryway.

Entryway Storage

The number one issue that comes up in entryways is storage. You don’t want it to look like a rummage sale of shoes, coats and bags, so you need somewhere to store everything. If you have a closet – great. If not, consider adding pieces of furniture such as an armoire and maybe a chest of drawers. If space doesn’t permit these types of items you’ll want to install some hooks to hang coats and include something like a storage bench so you can stash shoes, hats, bags and gloves. It can also serve as a spot to sit down and put on your boots. Keep clutter to a minimum and keep out-of-season items stored away in a different part of the house.

Entryway Flooring

If you’re looking to make a good first impression (and the configuration of your entryway allows for it) you might want to consider choosing a high-quality floor tile. Since it’s the first part of your home potential buyers will see you want them to be impressed. That said, make sure it’s durable and can handle being in such a high-traffic area.

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Entryway Lighting

Lighting is a really important element of all foyers. People often use overhead lights such as chandeliers and pendants. Generally speaking an entryway light fixture should hang about 7’ above the floor in an average size room (that’s 7′ from the bottom of the fixture to the floor). If your ceilings are particularly high you can definitely go higher. Another great option is to have a pair of sconces (one on either side of a mirror works well). Keep in mind that they should be hung around eye-level. And of course table lamps are also great if space permits. Also keep in mind that entrance lights should be on dimmer switches so you can use low light when you want a subtle effect.

Entrway Décor

Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to color and décor for an entryway.

  • Lighter colors tend to make spaces look bigger, so if your entryway is small keep this in mind.
  • A mirror is always a good idea in an entryway for two reasons. One is that people often like to give themselves a quick once-over before they leave the house, so having a mirror in the entryway means they won’t have to run back in with their shoes on. The other is that mirrors reflect light and open up spaces so it can make a small foyer look much bigger and brighter.
  • An area rug in the entryway is great for adding a pop of color and giving people somewhere to step with wet or muddy shoes so they don’t damage the floors underneath. I recommend something inexpensive and/or easy to wash.
  • Make sure you’ve got somewhere to put down small things like keys and the mail when you walk in the door. A small table of shelf will do the trick.

Nicole and Michelle Entryway

#ScottTip – If you don’t have much natural light in your foyer consider upgrading to a new front door that has a glass insert, or put a glass insert (known as a door lite) into your existing door. Check out my post on How to Install a Door Lite for more info.


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