Rebate Opportunity on My Insulation of Choice!

If you’ve watched my shows, you know that we always use ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation on our renovation projects.  It is my product of choice for a number of reasons, all of which I’m happy to tell you about, but first I want to share a great opportunity. ROCKWOOL is offering a rebate for purchases made in Canada for the next two months. Buy 5 bags of any combination of ROCKWOOL SAFE’n’SOUND®, COMFORTBATT® and/or COMFORTBOARD™ 80 and qualify for a $45 rebate. So, if you’re planning a project that requires insulation, now is a great time to buy ROCKWOOL products.

The really good news is that the rebate applies to all of ROCKWOOL’s most popular products:

SAFE’n’SOUND®. We use this on interior walls to provide added fire protection for the home and to reduce sound transmission between rooms and from one floor to another.  Nothing beats the tranquillity of a quiet home – and that’s exactly what ROCKWOOL SAFE’n’SOUND® provides.  For sound reduction, we use it in places like family rooms, around bedrooms and bathrooms, mechanical rooms and between floors to bring added peace and quiet to a home.  Also, SAFE’n’SOUND® can effectively help to slow the spread of fire, because it doesn’t burn.  It is noncombustible, with a melting point of approximately 1,177°C (2,150°F) so it can add valuable time for your family to get out of the house in the event of a fire.  By using one product, we get peace of mind and peace and quiet – a combination that helps homeowners sleep at night.

COMFORTBATT®.  Our first choice for thermal insulation in exterior walls is COMFORTBATT®.  It’s an effective way to improve a home’s energy efficiency and our teams love that it’s so easy to work with.  The batts are easily cut with a serrated knife to achieve an optimal fit around pipes, electrical wiring boxes, ductwork and between studs and joists that are less than the standard width.  They are made to friction fit between wall studs, so they fill the cavity completely and don’t sag or compress.  They also have the added benefits of providing fire protection and sound absorption.  What’s more, stone wool is moisture repellant, so if there is moisture in the wall cavity the batts won’t absorb it.  This is important because insulation that absorbs moisture will compress and sag, causing it to lose R-value and lose its effectiveness. 

COMFORTBOARD™ 80.  You may have seen us fasten these rigid stone wool boards to the interior side of basement walls or to the outside of homes to provide continuous insulation – one of the most effective forms of thermal insulation available.  If you watched Moving the McGillvrays, you saw this product being installed on my family’s home.  The combination of COMFORTBOARD™ exterior insulation paired with COMFORTBATT® stone wool in the wall cavities creates an extremely comfortable home that is more affordable to heat in winter and cool in summer.  You also get extra layers of fire protection, moisture management, and sound reduction.

ROCKWOOL’s Canadian rebate offer is only available from October 1st to November 30th, so there is no time like the present to make your home warmer, safer and quieter.

To learn more, check here for rebate details.

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