The Real Estate Rebel is a podcast from Canadian real estate influencer Scott McGillivray. In each episode Scott and his expert guests cover everything buyers, sellers and investors need to know about navigating today’s market.

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While “buy & hold” is usually best, there are cases when selling an investment property might be your best bet. In this episode, Scott and his guest, financial and real estate expert Romana King, outline five times when you should consider cashing in on your investment properties.

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We’ve all been trained to think that owning a home is the best long-term investment there is. But are there times when it’s better to rent? Scott and his guest, financial expert Rob Carrick debate this long-standing real estate dilemma.

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Scott and his guest, Kevin O’Leary, discuss the best ways to invest money in 2021 for newbie and seasoned investors alike.

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Scott takes a deep dive into listener questions and gives his perspective on all the topics you’ve been asking about in 2020.

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In this episode of The Real Estate Rebel, Scott talks with best-selling author and real estate mogul, Grant Cardone, about how the everyday investor can apply his 10x Rule to grow their portfolios exponentially.

Every investor needs to implement a solid strategy in order to see results. In this episode Scott breaks down the best way to build your real estate portfolio.

Ever dream of buying and selling investment properties? In this episode Scott talks to Billy Gleason, a banker-turned-investor who took what seemed like an impossible dream and made it come true – with a little help from Scott and a show called Buyers Bootcamp!

Scott talks with financial and travel expert, Barry Choi, about whether or not it is a good idea to renovate your home.

Scott shares his secrets on how you can ensure you make as much money as possible from investing in real estate properties – using his own personal experience.

Scott sits down and talks with Michelle Kelly, Editor of Cottage Life magazine and host of the Cottage Life Podcast, and discuss the pros and cons when it comes to owning and investing in cottage properties.

Interested in vacation properties? Check out the following tips.

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