Scott McGillivray Collection of Indoor Rugs

Area rugs are important elements of living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and more. A great rug can set the tone of the room, help define the space, and add depth and texture. In fact, I usually find that a room doesn’t feel complete without one.

I’ve worked in the renovation and design space for a long time, and over the years I’ve really determined what’s important, and what will stand the test of time. While styles and colours may vary, area rugs will always be important for anchoring rooms and defining spaces. This won’t change. This is why I decided to design my own indoor rug collection.

The number one thing I considered when designing this collection was, of course, style. Anyone who knows my personal style knows that I never go too wild with colour. With the case of the rug collection, I kept the palette neutral, but included a variety of tones and patterns to create depth and interest. Like with everything I do, the overall look is transitional, meaning it can fit in with both modern and classic designs. I like to think that there’s a rug to suit everyone within my collection.

That said, equally as important as style is quality. I’m pleased to say that the The Scott McGillivray Collection of indoor rugs isn’t just stylish, it’s also durable and easy to maintain. All of the rugs in the collection feature 24/7 antimicrobial protection – which inhibits the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. With our increased focus on staying healthy and being mindful of germs and bacteria, this has never been more important.

If you’re looking for a way to change up the style of your room without investing in new furniture or a tedious paint job, why not consider a new rug?

The SCOTT MCGILLIVRAY INDOOR RUG COLLECTION is available now at select retailers across Canada.

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