Shower Design Decisions

When I started renovating bathrooms over 20 years ago, showers were not high on the list when it came to important design decisions.  My main concern was that they be functional and waterproof, and that was pretty much it. Once I chose a good-looking tile, I figured my design work was done. But times have changed!

These days a bathroom isn’t just a bathroom – it’s a sanctuary, a place to escape to, and because of this, design decisions are very important. In order to create a peaceful oasis you need to think about more than just tile. You need to think about the small details, like profiles, drain grates and storage accessories.

Usually, when deciding on the finishes for these details I consider the other fixtures in the room. For instance, if I have a chrome faucet and chrome towel bar, I’ll opt for a chrome drain grate for the sake of consistency.  However, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore.  I’m very pleased that Schluter has recently introduced a new option.  I’ve been using their Trendline tile profiles for years, and now they’ve added those same profile colours to their 4” square KERDI-DRAIN-STYLE drain grates and their recently launched shower shelves.  

In total, six different finishes are available.

  • matte black
  • matte white
  • stone grey
  • greige
  • cream
  • bronze

These colours were chosen specifically to support today’s trends towards neutral tile colours, particularly those that reproduce the appearance of wood, concrete, & stone – the most popular choices of today’s designers, and colours I use frequently.

The availability of these finishes in drain grates, shelves, and profiles provides the flexibility to have these elements blend seamlessly with the rest of the installation, or to create bold and striking accents within the shower area.  And when it comes to striking accents, nothing is more impactful than matte black. It’s been creeping into homes for the last couple of years, and I expect it to be a huge trend in 2020.

So the choice is yours – seamless integration or striking contrast. No matter what your preferred shower design style, you can make it happen!

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