Smart Playroom Storage Tips

If you’ve got kids you know how their stuff can get absolutely everywhere. If you have space, a dedicated playroom is a great way to separate their stuff from your stuff and let’s face it – keep your sanity! Here are some playroom storage tips that worked in my home.

Storage Units

Every playroom needs storage, and it’s best when you can mix both open and closed versions. Open storage is great for displaying nicer items while closed is good for some of the more unsightly stuff. It’s also a good idea to have closed storage in case you want to lock anything away – like paints or other items you don’t want the kids to have access to without parental supervision. Drawers at the bottom can hold larger items that don’t fit on the shelves.

**A note about safety. It’s really important to remember that storage units should always be secured to the wall. You never know when one of the kids will try to climb up and get something and you don’t want them to pull the unit on top of themselves.

Storage Baskets

Including storage baskets in the open parts of the storage units helps minimize clutter. It’s also a great tool for teaching young kids about organization. When each basket is labelled and designated for particular items they know exactly where to put things. You can also designate a certain number of baskets for each child so they learn to be responsible for their own things.

Kids Playroom

Playroom Storage Bins

A large storage bin is a must for bulky items that don’t fit in anywhere else. Look for a large unit that sits on the floor and matches all the other storage units in the room. It’s advisable to get one with wheels – or add your own – in order to make it easier to move around.

Magazine/Book Racks

A separate rack for colouring books and storybooks means that they don’t have to take up valuable space on shelving units or in drawers – which are better reserved for bulky items like toys and craft supplies. It also makes them very easy for the kids to access.

Tables with Storage

In a playroom, you need to squeeze storage into as many places as possible. Side tables and end tables should have an extra shelf or drawer to maximize space.

Scott McGillivray Playroom Storage

Top and bottom photos by Jackson Photography & Design, courtesy of HGTV Canada’s Moving the McGillivrays.

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