Benefits of Modular Sofas

Modular sofas are having a moment. These chameleons of the furniture world can alter and change to fit just about any room in any home. So should you consider adding one to your home? Here are some things to consider.

What is a Modular Sofa?

For those who don’t know, modular sofas are designed in individual pieces – or ‘modules’-  that can be used alone or together in order to create different seating arrangements. They look the same as regular sofas, but with modular sofas you can switch, swap, rearrange and reconfigure the pieces in any way you like. The pieces are held together by alligator clips so they won’t come apart when assembled.
When I was designing my furniture collection with Mobila, including a modular sofa was a no-brainer. I wanted something comfortable, versatile, and resilient, so we included the 5-piece Nash modular set – a personal favourite of mine.


The best thing about modular sofas, hands down, is their versatility. You can use the pieces in different ways to create different looks and different seating arrangements. Depending on what sofa you purchase, there may be pieces with arms, without arms, with an arm on one side, or even an ottoman. You can use these pieces separately or together to create a number of different configurations. If you want to lie down and put your feet up, there’s an arrangement for that. If you want a  loveseat and an additional chair, there’s an arrangement for that. If you want several different single seats, there’s an arrangement for that. No matter what you want, a modular sofa can help you achieve it.

Maximize Space

Hand-in-hand with versatility comes the ability to maximize space. People with large families tend to opt for sectionals. Sectionals are great, but unless you have a particularly large home, you’re often limited to where you can put them. You can be limited by doorways, windows, traffic areas, etc. With a modular sofa you can move the pieces around so you’re not inhibited by architectural elements. If one configuration doesn’t work, you can simply move the pieces around so it works for your space.


I’m really big on return on investment and making sure things can last a long time. With modular sofas you can be pretty confident that if you move a few years down the road, your modular sofa will fit into your new home, meaning you don’t need to purchase a new one. Whether you’re downsizing or upsizing, you can make it work. Whereas some traditional sofas may not translate well from one home to another, a modular sofa can move with you – even if it needs to be reconfigured differently.

Moving and Assembling

Something that people tend to forget about when purchasing large pieces of furniture is how they’re going to get them to their final destination in the home. Large pieces can be very difficult to get up stairs or around corners. I’ve run into this problem several times when homeowners have ordered a particular sofa, only to discover it wouldn’t fit through the door. It can be a big disappointment, and a costly mistake when it comes to delivery charges. With modular sofas you tend not to have these problems. The pieces can all be brought in separately and can fit through narrow doorways and hallways without much difficulty.

What about you? Do you think a modular sofa might make a good addition to your home? Visit to learn more about modular sofas and to see their full range of products.

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