Scott McGillivray’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

Ever since I became a Dad, Father’s Day has become a bit of a thing. And I admit that I totally love it. Being a Dad is the greatest and most significant thing that’s ever happened to me, so taking a day to recognize that and spend time with my kids is something I’m totally on board with.

In honor of all the Dads out there, I’ve pulled together some fun Father’s Day gift ideas. Full disclosure: these are all items I’d like for myself. But I figure if they appeal to me they’ll appeal to other Dad’s out there too. So let me know if you end up getting any of them and what your Dad thinks. And feel free to leave some other Father’s Day gift ideas in the comments!


Salt Cooking Plate – I’ve heard great things about cooking with Himalayan salt blocks. You can use them on the grill for cooking meat, fish and veggies, or you can chill them and use them for serving charcuterie, sushi and other cold dishes. They can season food, cure food, and keep dishes hot and/or cold. That’s a lot of value out of a single plate!


Natural Bamboo iPhone 6 Case With Unique World Map Design – A quality phone case makes a great gift because, let’s face it, at some point you’re going to drop your phone.  With so many styles available you’re bound to find one to suit your Dad (or husband, or brother, or son…). Being a geography buff, I’m a big fan of anything with a map design, so this one really speaks to me.


Casio Men’s G-Shock Watch – When you work on construction sites, or if you have any other type of intense, physical job, you need a watch that will stand up to wear and tear. Whether it’s heat, water, or shock and vibration, G Shock watches are known for their strength. Anyone who has any type of physical job will appreciate the durability.



Lawn Aerator Shoes – Take the work out of aerating the lawn with some terrifying looking shoes! Just kidding, these actually seem like they would be pretty fun to try out. The reviews speak for themselves so if you know *someone* who’s obsessed with keeping the lawn healthy these could be the perfect gift.



Garden Genie Gloves –  Speaking of terrifying gardening accessories, these gloves look like the stuff nightmares are made of! But given how much time I spend in the garden, these could make life a lot easier.


Parker Woven Cotton Chair Hammock – When I built my house I tried to include all the little extras that would make it truly relaxing. But one very important thing was missing – the perfect spot to hang out in the backyard (literally). I like the idea of the chair instead of the traditional hammock because it’s easier to move around, and even bring inside in the winter.


Boston Map Foil-Pressed Art Print – You can never have too many maps…can you? What’s great about these gold foil maps is that you can opt for an existing design, or have your own custom map made to commemorate somewhere that’s important to you.

Fishing Pole Holder and Advanced Bike Storage – I firmly believe that organization is key to creating a calm environment. In my workshop (the space that has the most potential for becoming a total mess) I’ve implemented a combination of sliding cabinets, hooks and panels from Gladiator GarageWorks to keep me organized. Two things I want to add are the fishing pole holder and bicycle claw. The flexibility of the system means I can put them anywhere, and rearrange items as space permits.

Star Wars 3 Pack Socks – The Force Awakens – No Father’s Day is complete without novelty socks. Right…? Well, speaking for myself, I think you can never have too many.



Select 6 Player Croquet Set – Any game I can play with my kids is a welcome Father’s Day gift. And if it’s something we can do outside, so much the better. Croquet is one of those games that’s super simple for little kids, but can also be fun as they get older. The rules get completely thrown out the window mind you, but it’s worth it.

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