Scott’s House Call – Basement Makeover in a Day

Happy Friday! Are you guys as excited for the weekend as I am? If you ask me, part of what makes a great weekend is having the time to sit back and put your feet up, and having a great place to do it. For the Carter family, that means the basement, but it wasn’t always that way! For 10 years the basement was only half finished, and it wasn’t doing anyone any good.

When I see a basement, I see potential, and this one had tons. So I called in the team and we got to work making a fun and relaxing space the whole family can enjoy.

Product info:

Danby Designer 120 Beverage can Beverage Center, Model: DBC93BLSDD, Danby; Astrid 7.75” Flush Mount Fixture, DVI Lighting; Paint, Sailcloth 403A, Aristocrat 310G, Spice Market 235G, Adiron 412F, Para Paint; Carpet, Carpet Direct.

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