Statement Doors Do’s and Don’ts

Fall is a great time to replace your front door. Not only can a new front door add value to your home, but a high-quality door can enhance security and help add warmth as the cooler weather sets in. So before the dreary winter weather hits, why not update your home with a bold statement door?

Depending on what kind of impression you want to make, front doors can either stand out or blend in. Before you make a final decision about statement doors, consider these do’s and don’ts.

DON’T forget that the front door is the first thing people see when they come to your home. It should reflect your home’s personality.

DO decide what kind of statement you want to make before choosing a colour. What do you want to tell people about yourself and your home when they first arrive? What kind of impact do you want to make?

DON’T be afraid to try something bold. While I think it’s important not to go too crazy with your front door colour, there is plenty of room to have a little fun. A bold blue, sunny yellow or bright red can be just the right accent for your home’s exterior.

DO consider the colours of the rest of your home’s façade. Statement doors should always compliment them.

DON’T confuse the concept of complimenting with matching. You want the colours on your home’s façade to work together, but they don’t have to be the exact same. Consider tone as well as colour.

DO consider the style and architecture of the rest of the house when choosing your front door. A traditional front door on a modern house, or vice versa will make a statement, but be sure there’s something that connects them so that the door doesn’t look out-of-place.

DO choose a neutral colour if you want it to stand the test of time. Just because it’s a neutral colour it doesn’t mean that it won’t still make a statement. A statement can be made through the material used and the architectural style of the door.

DON’T forget about side lites and window inserts. Decorative glass and different glass configurations can make an otherwise ordinary door stand out.

DO use a high gloss paint if you want to call attention to the door’s architectural details.

DON’T forget to eliminate your screen door, if you have one. An interesting way to make a statement and still have access to fresh air is using a vented door lite that you can open when needed.

DO use internal grills to your door lite to add another design element to your entrance system. Or add accessories, like elegant door hardware in a contrasting colour.

There’s a lot to think about before replacing your door. For more door ideas and information, please visit Pollard Windows & Doors.

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