The Importance of Door Construction

When people choose new front doors for their homes, their number one concern is usually how it looks. And for sure, that’s important. It’s the centrepiece of your home’s exterior so you want to make sure you’re giving the right first impression.

However, how your door is constructed is just as important. 

We all know that safety and security are huge factors, as are durability and energy efficiency. So when I’m looking to replace a front door, I’m thinking about all these elements – especially now that I’m working on so many vacation properties. Cottages and other remote vacation properties deal with a lot of extreme weather conditions, and they can also sit empty for parts of the year, so I want to know that the door I choose will stand up to wear and tear as well as keep the building safe and sound.

Enter Pollard’s Polardor. I’ve been using these insulated entry systems for several years now, and the number one reason is because of the way they’re constructed. Here are a few of the key features that make it my preferred choice:

  1. Vinyl clad frame – Pollard doors can be purchased with a tough 0.065″ thick, vinyl clad low maintenance frame. It withstands all types of weather without peeling, flaking, pitting or corroding. 
  2. Weatherstripping – The closed cell weatherstripping used on the Polardor sill resists the absorption of water so that in cold winter months it does not freeze and lose its tight seal. On the remainder of the door frame, a foam compression weatherstrip is used to provide an optimal, secure seal around the perimeter of the door which in winter keeps warm air in and keeps cold air out.
  3. Aluminum sill – Constructed of durable 1/16″ aluminum and features raised ribs which allow for good traction. A low-profile sill is available for greater accessibility.
  4. Fiberglass skin – Durable and easy to finish. It’s available in both smooth skin for painting and wood-grain texture for staining. It’s also dent and warp resistant.
  5. Polyurethane foam core – The insulation value is at least six times greater than a solid wood door. With an R value of 12, it’s a great solution for your home.
  6. Sweepless door – By eliminating the need for a door sweep there is no sweep to tear or adjust.
  7. Water trap sill design – The durable 3/32″ vinyl subsill resists rotting and cracking. The continuous sill running under the jamb prevents jamb rot.

The great thing about these doors is that you can have all these construction features without compromising the design. There’s a wide variety of glass door lites and side lites available to personalize the look and allow light into your home without sacrificing energy efficiency. Safety and security is assured with the variety of hardware choices. Choose the optional multi-point locking system with for the utmost in protection. 

So whether you like a more traditional look, or you’re going for something more bold, you can always achieve the look you want.

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