Winter Roofing Tips

The Freeze and Thaw of Winter Can Cause Problems for Your Roof

Winter can be problematic, especially when the temperatures fluctuate and create a freeze/thaw scenario. One thing I always notice is the increase in potholes on the roads. Well, the potholes are the result of the freeze/thaw. The rapid swings in temperature can wreak havoc on the asphalt roads and cause them to fail.

Ice Dams

Ice dam imageNow think about the other big-ticket item in your life that’s made from asphalt. It’s your roof. Every time you see (or don’t see!) and hit a pothole, think about your roof. The continual heating/cooling can cause ice dams, which occur when accumulated snow on a sloping roof melts and flows down the roof until it reaches an area cold enough, and then refreezes. Typically this happens at the eaves. The ice formed in such a way often grows and “backs-up” the roof, pushing its way under the shingles and damaging everything in its path. This is a situation that you want to identify early, so it might be worth the preventive maintenance to have a professional get up there and take a close look.

Choosing a Roofer

If you have a professional look at your roof and you need to make repairs or replace your roof, choose your installer very carefully. A roof that is installed improperly will not be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Make sure you choose an installer who not only is very experienced but is also credentialed by the manufacturer whose product they install. Very often you can find credentialed contractors at the manufacturer’s website. While there, why not also look for contractors who participate in “take-back” programs to divert your old roof from going into a landfill.

Remember, whether you dodge or ford those potholes, they might actually be doing you a favor by reminding you to think about your roof.


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