When to Use Commercial Hardware in Your Home

When you think about purchasing hardware for your home your mind likely jumps right to traditional residential pieces. And that makes sense. But don’t be too quick to dismiss all the commercial hardware options available. Hardware that’s typically used in commercial settings (think hotels, schools, condos, retirement homes, etc.) can be a great alternative to traditional knobs, levers and hinges in certain residential applications. It looks stylish, modern and can provide your home with the utmost in safety and security.

Self-Closing Hinges

Assorted Taymor Commercial Hardware

It’s typical to find self-closing hinges (aka spring hinges) or a door-closing device on doors in hotels, apartment buildings and condos that have self-closing or automatic closing requirements. However, there are a couple of places in private homes where self-closing doors can prove extremely useful: the entry door to an attached garage (this is code in many places as it can protect against fire and smoke spreading to the house) and the entry door to a basement suite. Installing a closer at the top of a door and adjusting its closing and latching speed will prevent the door from either banging against the frame and disturbing other people in the home, or not fully closing and latching by itself. Plus they work well on old doors that have hard-to-match hinges. They’re also a good choice if existing trim won’t allow for the extra barrel thickness found on spring hinges. Keep in mind that building codes vary across North America and so you need to check your local requirements.


Interconnected Locks

Taymor Commercial Hardware

Much like a regular lever and a deadbolt (combined into one unit,) interconnected locks are opened with a key and lever from the outside, but from inside, doors can be quickly unlocked/opened with ease in one single motion. A simple press of the lever simultaneously releases both the deadbolt and latch. Interconnected locks make a quick exit possible, which is critically important during an emergency situation. Many people prefer interconnected locks for their homes because they’re very secure, easy to use, easy to install and affordable. Taymor’s new Premier Interconnected Lock, launching Summer 2016, offers all of the above in a modern, clean design that will blend seamlessly into just about any home.


Mortise Locksets

Taymor Mortise Locks

Mortise locksets offer similar functionalities to interconnected locks, but they fit into a recess that’s cut into the edge of a door as opposed to boreholes drilled through the surface. Not only does this style of lock offer increased security**, but many people find the lock being hidden inside the door to be more aesthetically pleasing, making them great for residential applications. However if you’re going to install mortise locks in your home it requires factory accuracy and it’s best to have it installed by a professional who has the correct skills and tools. Since installation involves exact preparation of the door it’s not considered a DIY project.

**The American National Standards Institute (ANSI), tests and grades locks for their ability to provide security for both commercial and residential properties – ANSI 1 being the highest grade and ASNI 3 the lowest. Taymor Mortise locks are rated Grade 1, which is the highest level of security available.


Photos courtesy of Taymor

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